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Can I share my campaign results with my team?
Can I share my campaign results with my team?

Sure thing! We encourage sharing and caring. It can be fun.

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Sharing can be done with the click of a button. You can find the share button by heading to the Analytics dropdown and clicking 'Campaign Analytics'. Select the campaign you would like to share then click the 'Campaign Overview' button that can be found to the right of your selected campaign. 

Click the button to generate a unique link. You can share this link with anyone or send it in an email and it will take them straight to the results of  the campaign. They will not need to log in to Brandzooka.

They will NOT have access to the rest of your Brandzooka account (analytics for other campaigns, the builder, your library, etc.) The sharing link only allows the people you share it with to see the exact set of campaign results you shared with them.

For your safety, the link will expire 7 days after you create it, but you can make a new link whenever you need one.

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