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How do I launch a banner ad?
How do I launch a banner ad?
A few tips and tricks.
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To launch a banner ad with Brandzooka, all you need to do is choose 'Banner' under 'Creative Type' in the Campaign Builder, and upload at least 3 banners of different sizes (this is so we have multiple options for where your ad can be placed).

We accept banners in the following sizes:

  • 160x600 pixels

  • 300x250 pixels

  • 300x600 pixels

  • 320x50 pixels

  • 400x400 pixels

  • 728x90 pixels

  • 970x250 pixels

Once you've uploaded your creatives, follow the steps in the Builder just like you would for a video or audio campaign. Just remember, banner ads can only run on web, mobile, and app placements.

If you need any help launching your banner ad campaign, don't hesitate to reach out to your Brandzooka rep, or shoot us an email at

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