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What is Programmatic?
How do you choose what websites to put my ad on?
How do you choose what websites to put my ad on?

It's all about real-time bidding.

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Brandzooka is a programmatic advertising platform. That means our ads are placed based on the targeting and site categories you choose for your campaign when you launch, and it's all happening in real time. 

When a member of your audience visits a page at the New York Times for example, we make a bid for the ad spot and your video is entered into an auction, if our bid wins, your ad gets placed. All of this is done within the restrictions of the targeting you chose, and the site categories you selected for your campaign so your ads are only ever shown to your audience on the kinds of sites you want them to be seen on.

For more information on programmatic advertising check out our webinar WTF is programmatic?!

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