How long should I make my video ad?

That depends on your goal.

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For a digital campaign (placements on web, mobile, or apps) your video can run as a 15, 30, 45, or 60-second ad. While your video length can be somewhat variable within the 15-60 second range, we find best practice to be keeping your video to exactly one of these lengths or a little shorter.

15 and 30 second ads are great for engagement. A short video with a strong CTA  (e.g. "Click To Learn More") grabs attention and drives the viewer to engage.

30-second ads can also be optimal for awareness, as this length tends to drive higher completion rates and higher video view counts. 

60-second ads are best for storytelling. Use this length to tell the bigger picture, like your company’s mission.

Connected TV campaigns are a little different - click here to be directed to an article all about video requirements for CTV campaigns.

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