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Can I retarget people who visit my website?
Can I retarget people who visit my website?
Absolutely! Just select retargeting and use the pixel we provide.
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It just takes four easy steps. Build your retargeting campaign just like any other campaign until you get to 'Who's Your Audience?' 

  1. Click on "Retargeting." 

  2. Copy the pixel Brandzooka makes for you.

  3. Choose the page you want to collect your visitors from and paste the code into your website's HTML.

  4. Return to Brandzooka and click the "Verify" button.

Remember, no other targeting options will be available when you select ‘Retargeting’ because your target group is anyone who has visited your site. You can always revisit your retargeting audience under 'Saved Audiences' in the Index.

If you have any trouble placing the pixel or getting it to verify, let your Platform Ambassador know or email

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