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How does Brandzooka process my credit card payment?
How does Brandzooka process my credit card payment?

Brandzooka securely processes all of your payments through Stripe.

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Stripe is a third-party payment system that is integrated into Brandzooka. Whenever you add a card, your payment information is processed through Stripe - Brandzooka never stores your credit card information.

You only need to input your payment information at the time you launch a campaign, or if you would like to switch forms of payment. Stripe takes care of the rest. If you ever need to update your payment information, you can also do so by navigating to your account from the ‘Account’ tab in the upper right hand corner of the platform. From there, navigate to the tab ‘Payment Methods’ on the left.

 If you still have questions about payment, please reach out to your Brandzooka rep, or shoot us an email at

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