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What are Impressions, Ad Views, and Clicks?
What are Impressions, Ad Views, and Clicks?

Measure your audience engagement!

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Brandzooka places your video as an ad on sites across the web, usually thousands of times per campaign. These three key metrics help you see how your audience reacted to the video ad.

'Impressions' are the total number of times we placed your video on a website.

'Ad Views' indicates the number of times your video was viewable on screen for a member of your target audience. (In the Site List, Ad Views have a MOAT logo next to them.)

'Clicks' indicates the number of times a member of your audience clicked on your video ad. (You won't have clicks from TV campaigns, because people can't click their TVs.)

Two other important measurements of engagement are viewability, which is the ratio of ad views to impressions, and the retention rate for your video. You can find your viewability percentage under 'Targeting', and retention rate under the 'Retention' tab. 

If you have any questions about any engagement metrics for your video, just chat in or email your Platform Ambassador.

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