In the Campaign Builder, use the section titled “Where in the world?” to target countries, cities, DMAs, and zip codes.

First, either search for your country or find it in the dropdown menu. Choose the country, or countries, you would like to target, then make sure to click on the white box to select it. Once you have selected a country you can target specific regions, states, or zip/postal codes.

You can choose up to 3 countries to target per campaign, however keep in mind that for a smaller budget it may not make sense to spread across multiple countries. $35 across a large population for example, (e.g. everyone in the U.S. or Spain or Russia) will spend very, very quickly. 

If you have a small budget, try targeting smaller audiences for better campaign performance. 

Brandzooka has already played ads in over 100 countries and we’ll get to them all before we’re done!

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