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What can I expect with Brandzooka?
What can I expect with Brandzooka?
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Brandzooka excels as a top-of-the-funnel marketing tool. That means our platform is especially awesome at creating brand awareness and reaching your target audience as they watch digital TV, listen to podcasts/favorite streaming music, or while browsing the web. We also support cross-channel and down-funnel marketing strategies - including retargeting site visitors, IP retargeting, and tracking conversions.

We offer a multitude of analytics and tools to help you gauge the impact of every Brandzooka campaign you run, including:

The Second-by-Second Retention Graph for Video Ads: This will let you know the percentage of viewers who watched your ad at each second, and can help inform future creative.

A/B Testing: Utilize this tool to compare analytics between two types of creatives, and see how they perform against each other.

Events List: See at a glance how many people were served your ad, engaged with that ad, and how they engaged with it.

For more information, feel free to reach out to your Brandzooka rep, or shoot us an email at

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