Brandzooka runs these four (4) types of online video ad placements:

  • Pre-roll* - Your video appears as the ad before the main video content a user has chosen to watch.

  • In-text - Your video appears in-line with pieces of content on the host site.

  • Overlay - Your video slides out from the edge of the browser, covering some content.

  • Interstitial - Your video appears as a fullscreen ad that covers the content of the host site or application.

Brandzooka TV and banner ads are a little different. For more info on running TV campaigns, check out this article. For more info on running banner ads check out this article.

How and where your video plays will depend on your marketing objective and on what placements are available when we bid for space in front of your target audience.

*The majority of the ads that Brandzooka serves online are placed using the pre-roll format. 

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