What do you do to prevent fraud?

We go above and beyond.

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Our mission is always to stay ahead of the curve on fraudulent activity. 

Internally, as well as through our partner networks, we perform human and 'bot' reviews of sites for any suspicious activity. We also monitor behavior across websites, IPs, publishers, and supply vendors. Brandzooka only targets cookieable users, a critical step towards preventing click fraud.

How Brandzooka goes above and beyond to prevent fraud:

  • Brand safety tool DoubleVerify is added to every campaign you launch, automatically filtering out placements on sites with questionable content or a likelihood of fraudulent activity.

  • System-wide block lists are constantly maintained and updated by our media team. Identified bot traffic is scrubbed and when a bad IP is detected we block it immediately. Sites are manually and systematically reviewed for suspicious click activity and all reported offenders are added to a global Block List, which we apply to every campaign that runs through the Brandzooka platform. (Read more about our Block List here.)

  • Exchange-level prevention: When exchanges allow, all non-human audited inventory is blocked through our partners. (i.e. if we don't know what it is, we won't serve your ad on it!)

  • Campaign-level optimizations: Unusual activities such as clusters of suspicious clicks are reviewed and investigated by the Brandzooka media team. 

Brand Safety
We integrate with brand safety tool DoubleVerify to prevent serving your impressions on suspicious, malicious, and low quality sites. We take fraud prevention and brand safety very, very seriously.

If you ever see suspicious campaign data please chat in or contact support@brandzooka.com and our team will investigate it immediately.

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